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The "How" is represented by our core values of Integrity, Quality, Commitment, and Innovation



Integrity means telling the truth, keeping our word and treating others with fairness and respect. It is demonstrated through honest relationships, decisions that consider the balanced interests of stakeholders, and unquestioned commitment to ethical and legal behavior. Integrity is one of our most cherished assets. It must not be compromised.



Quality means delivering value to customers, employees, shareholders and others. Quality is exhibited in many ways — by selling and supporting products and services that delight customers, establishing a work environment in which employees thrive, delivering financial results that meet investor expectations, and maintaining sound relationships to the benefit of our stakeholders.



Commitment means doing our best to meet stakeholder expectations in a predictable, consistent way over time. We recognize that our customers, as well as employees and investors, have many options in choosing a company with which to be associated. Our opportunity to serve should be viewed as a privilege that is not to be taken for granted.



Innovation means inventing, designing, and developing breakthrough products and services that have high appeal in the marketplace and strengthen customer preference for the John Deere brand. Innovation extends to using the latest technology to establish world—class manufacturing processes and applying the most advanced information technology tools and practices throughout the company.

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Ruler is one of the leading manufacturer of the industry and offers service and parts support across the world by listening, responding and delivering innovative solutions. Our support, including manufacturing, distribution, service, training, parts providing multiple avenues of assistance.

Ruler works to understand your challenges and earn your trust. Our team is committed to delivering reliable equipment, innovative technology, and quality service.

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